Clear Correct Invisible Braces

Patients turn to Scarsdale/ Westchester cosmetic dentist Dr. Furnari for help straightening their teeth because he offers the newest, nearly invisible orthodontic options. One of the teeth straightening treatments that patients most often request from Dr. Furnari is ClearCorrect invisible braces.

If you have ever seen someone with traditional braces, you probably realize why they often feel as though everyone is staring at their mouthful of metal brackets instead of their smile. But with ClearCorrect, you can happily show off your smile even while straightening teeth.

How ClearCorrect Works

The ClearCorrect system is comprised of a set of custom-made clear aligners that gradually move teeth over time. With ClearCorrect, Dr. Furnari or his attentive staff takes a mold of your teeth, which the dentist or staff sends to the ClearCorrect lab. There, the lab technician customizes a series of nearly invisible aligners for you to wear. You wear each aligner for a few weeks then move on to the next one as directed by Dr. Furnari. Each aligner moves your teeth into their proper place little by little until  voila: your teeth are beautifully aligned.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect


Although traditional metal braces are an effective way to straighten teeth, they are highly noticeable to others, especially when the person wearing them smiles. Metal braces can be painful when adjusted and may irritate the inside of the mouth. They are also difficult to clean, as anyone who has ever had a piece of lettuce stuck in them can attest to. Because of these reasons, most people shy away from using metal braces to straighten their teeth.

Fortunately, Scarsdale dentist Dr. Furnari offers alternative ways to straighten the teeth that are less obvious to outside observers, more comfortable to wear and much easier to maintain. One such alternative to traditional orthodontia is the ClearCorrect teeth-straightening system, which offers the following benefits to patients:

Because ClearCorrect aligners are made of clear plastic, most people will not notice that you are wearing them even when you are smiling brightly.

In addition, ClearCorrect aligners are usually more comfortable to wear than metal braces because they move your teeth gradually as you use each new aligner in the series.

Finally, ClearCorrect aligners are removable, so you can take them out while you eat. With ClearCorrect, you remove the aligners, eat as normal, brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash, floss if needed and put the aligners back in. You do not have to worry about flossing around metal brackets and wires like you would with traditional metal braces.

Dr. Furnari realizes that neither teenagers nor adults like the idea of having a mouthful of bulky metal braces. If you would like to straighten your teeth comfortably, inconspicuously and, most importantly, effectively, ClearCorrect may be the right option for you.

For more information about ClearCorrect or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Furnari, please contact The Scarsdale Dental Group by calling (914) 723-4707.