Meet our team of Registered Dental Hygienists:


Our hygienists have extensive training and experience in providing therapeutic and educational dental services. Having years of experience and a commitment to excellence they provide a superior service to our patients.

Valerie Jacobs & NormaRoutine periodontal maintenance visits include; oral cancer screenings, periodontal maintenance (cleaning), Necessary radiographs, Pocket Chartings, Oral hygiene instructions and a clinical exam. They will also instruct you on proper toothbrush care, flossing, water irrigation, and several other techniques for you to practice at home. Patients who are periodontally healthy (without gum pocketing, bleeding, bone loss or heavy tartar accumulation) generally receive a periodic prophylaxis cleaning and polishing.

Should signs of excessive plaque or tartar be identified, additional cleaning may be recommended. If excessive probing depths or signs of periodontal disease be present, then deep cleaning (root planning), usually by quadrant may be recommended. This more extensive treatment may help patients return to periodontal health and often eliminates the need for referral for periodontal surgery.

Digital radiography enhances our ability to detect tooth decay (cavities), bone loss and infections that can’t be seen through routine intra-oral exams. Our hygienists look forward to a long healthy relationship with you and your family. It is our belief that regular prophylaxis cleaning and maintenance visits will promote optimum dental health, function and appearance, and will aid in early detection and prevention of more serious dental problem.

Norma Ponce De Leon


Norma Ponce De Leon graduated in 1998 from Hostos Community College with an associate’s degree of Applied Sciences in Dental Hygiene, NYS registered dental Hygienist. She has been a loyal team member of Scarsdale Dental Group since 2004. Always interested in helping her patients achieve and maintain strong teeth and healthy gum tissue. She is vibrant, kind, considerate and a great listener. In addition Norma is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish.

In her personal life Norma is married with a daughter and a little grandson, Sebastian. She has a personal commitment to health and fitness and works out on a daily basis. Lastly she loves animals; Norma has a small Yorkie dog, Toto.

Valerie Jacobs

Valerie Jacobs

Valerie Jacobs is a NYS Registered Dental Hygienist. She received her Dental Hygiene degree from the State University of New York at Farmingdale in 1989, and has been practicing Dental Hygiene in Westchester County since moving here in 1996. She practices at offices in Armonk, Scarsdale, Pleasantville and Mount Kisco.

Valerie lives in Pleasantville with her husband and three daughters. She is active in her community and volunteer work, having served as AYSO Registrar, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Fund for Learning Volunteer, and various other volunteer and charitable causes.

In her spare time, Valerie enjoys tennis, skiing, boating, traveling and spending time with family and friends.